Sunday, February 21, 2010

Only 4 weeks to go ...

Lots of planning news to catch up with. I've been in touch with many friends and family on my route and have some great reunions to look forward to including the Holts and Hansons in US, my primary school teacher and next door neighbours in NZ, and many colleagues in Australia. I've now booked accommodation for my South Island trip -with much help by several B&B hosts about mileage and what to see.
Last week I had some serious retail therapy in JL and now have an e-reader and i-touch to help pass all those in-flight hours -my next task is to download some travel guides, long fiction and relaxing music. I've also been tracking the weather on  my various stops and if anyone has hints about how to pack for the very cold to the very hot in only one suitcase I need those. I am planning to layer, layer and layer but what shoes shall I take?