Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blogging in transit

Two good flights to Bangkok and reports say that southerly winds over Europe are keeping the ash cloud away.

My little hub seat on the upper deck was comfy enough for a nice sleep and then I watched A Single Man. I’m reading The Little Stranger by Sarah Walters –the last few pages will fill take off time from here … then I can go back to Wolf Hall which is harder work even though I find the e-reader a good device to read off.  I’m hoping that there will be another good film as well.

Its hot here, I’ve just had a shower so feel like a new day has begun. I’m not really sure where I am time wise –I just put my watch back a few hours and start from the new time.

Both the BA and Qantas flights out of Bangkok are full –all is calm here but the NZ papers this morning reported a sniper on every rooftop and hotel guests being advised to keep their curtains shut.

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