Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Change of plans

Sunday16th 8am -I've cancelled my Bangkok hotel reservation –hard decision but the unrest seems to be worsening. UK foreign office advice is not to travel which invalidates my insurance and other websites are telling people already there to stay indoors. There seems little point in being there if I can’t go anywhere. I seem to remember that last time the political situation was very bad the airport was closed –no fun being stuck either in the hotel or worse still at the airport!!!  Now all I have to do is change my flight home which means the interminable wait listening to dreadful music to speak to a BA agent tomorrow

Sunday 16th 9pm

Just blogged on-line on the B&B computer so here’s some pics from yesterday and today in and around Ch-Ch –the Kate Sheppard memorial, a Maori flax weaving in the Cathedral, the foyer sculpture at the Art Gallery, fishing at the end of the wharf and Harry.

















Not sure when I’ll be able to post this … perhaps I’ll be at home.

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