Sunday, May 16, 2010

Enjoying a wet Sunday in Ch-Ch

Quick entry on B&B computer so no pictures but today was not the day for photography -wet, warm and lots of low cloud. Spent the morning at the Art Gallery  - thought provoking installations and a great exhibition based on the colour blue, meant for the kids but many big kids like me were enjoying it. The outdoor market was minimal given the weather but with some interesting local crafts. Yesterday I found a quilt shop (just five fat quarters of NZ fabric to fit into my suitcase) and a statue of the leaders of the NZ women's sufferage movement. It felt like I had come full circle from Rochester and the bronzes of Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady-Stanton.
Then Dale became my tour guide to Akeroa, over Summit Road where usually there are great views of the place where the French tried to claim NZ as theirs. We settled for afternoon tea and a walk out to the end of the wharf to watch some local boys fishing. I'm just back from supper with Dale (and Harry the dog) -I'm so glad I met her in Sydney, its been great to have a local friend in Ch-Ch. I had supper last night with four of her friends -good conversation, a home cooked meal, some very good wine and more insights into the NZ way of life.
My first task tomorrow is to rearrange my flights so that I travel home from Sydney avoiding the planned 2 days in Bangkok -the worst thing will be listening to BA's recorded message and awful on-hold music during the long wait I know I'll have to speak to a real person in Auckland. The Bangkok hotel have just confirmed my cancellation and I'm told that NZ are withdrawing their embassy staff ...

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