Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Greymouth to Fox –part one

After lots of tips from Jan about where to stop and what to see I set of south this morning. Breakers B&B is certainly the place for a relaxing stay in this part of the West Coast …


Spotting a quilt shop was an unexpected treat just after Greymouth –my fabric purchase was well within my rules being light, flat, local and a useful addition to my stash. With more time I might have stayed for the experiential learning about label making that was offered –lets hope I can remember the instructions when I get home.

Next I came to Glow-Worm Dell where, naturally, all the glow-worms were invisible in the bright sunshine and then a song about glow-worms rang out from the dreadful cd –glow little glow-worm, glitter, glitter, glow little glow-worm- someone sang! Rather eerie …  P1020064

The roads are easy driving but there are an amazing amount of road repairs in progress, lots of rail crossings –not that I’ve seen a single train, and one way bridges are a regularity. At one place today a one way bridge in need of repair was shared with the railway line. I followed the car in front (thank you driver) that straddled one track which meant keeping very close to one edge!

I stopped in Hokitiki and Ross –towns with lots of history and connections to pounamu (greenstone or jade) and gold mining, and by Lake Ianthe where forest meets water. P1020078



So much sightseeing meant I left lunch rather late but a kind person in Harihari opened the cafe’s kitchen and made me a whitebait sandwich. I could taste the whitebait filling – so much better that the whitebait omelette I had in Greymouth and healthier than continuing to eat the cranberry chilli chocolate bar that’s lived in the glove locker since Nelson. Soon I had my first glimpses of the mountains and then, on this perfectly still and cloudless day, a mirror lake. Continues …



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