Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A walk to the glacier terminal

With heavy rain forecast for tomorrow I decided not to miss the opportunity to see the glacier terminal in the dry even if it was cloudy. My first stop was Sentinel Rock with great views of the Franz Josef glacier and the path all the way to the present end of this mighty structure.


It was busy but hardly crowded, lots of people returning from guided climbs, of all nationalities and one or two with umbrellas! Walking towards the face of ice the colour is mainly blue, with the grubbiness I saw this morning at the top of Fox.







My Mum and Dad bought us here when I was 11 on a family Christmas holiday. We travelled in a rather rattley green estate car, stayed in motels and walked in much the same place as I did today except that as glaciers move (and this one is relatively quick) it might have been several metres down the way!


What a wonderful day –I stood at the top and beside a glacier, saw white herons and royal spoonbills, and had fresh coffee in a rain forest all in the space of six hours.  Time for bed .. what will win the dream competition?

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