Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sunday in Nelson

The Nelson Sunday flea market is much like any other –and reminded me of the Sunday morning attic sales that Paul, Tracey and I go to during the summer in and around Puycasquier.  I soon found somewhere for brunch –eaten outside in the sun which has shone all day.

Nelson’s Museum is small, easily navigated and full of the history of this important city. Significant events include the site of the first NZ rugby match -played until the 2 sides agreed they’d had enough. Nelson has always made use of local natural resources –limestone, gold etc. I now understand why cement making was a local industry. Its most famous son is Ernest Rutherford whose christening gown is on display and who became Lord Rutherford of Nelson.  The nearby Suter Gallery is home to examples of the city’s large art and craft community with lots of mixed media and installation art on display. Close by the QE2 gardens were very pretty and almost deserted.P1010572

I walked back to the B&B via the cathedral and Nelson College for Girls –no memories stirred as I stood outside the gates on Trafalgar Street!! 








Later I headed for Tahunanui Beach and enjoyed the changes of light as the sun dipped behind some impressive clouds and finally dissapeared. With the tide out there was plenty of room for the few of us walking the shoreline. Two or three dogs getting their evening exercise and a small flock of wading birds with black backs, white breasts and long orange beaks were the only other signs of life. The only sound the surrsh, surrsh shurrsh of the incoming tide.




Back in town a long queue told me that I had found the best place to buy my fish and chip supper. Chatting to some local people as we waited for our orders I learnt that some much needed rain is due tonight. Fingers crossed it passes quickly –another sunny day would be very welcome.

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