Wednesday, May 12, 2010

West coast storms

The glow–worms were right –rain was on its way. Storms hit the West Coast last evening, first heavy rain,then very windy so no power this morning. The stunning mountains are well hidden and Mrs Cow and her baby look very wet.


And, of course, its not a worm but the larva of a gnat that generates light to attract flying insects into its threads to feed on.  It spends 2 months suspended, making light and feeding then emerges, flies for 2 days and dies …

I think today will be a very slow –maybe the glacier pools and hopefully some internet access to sort out my home bound journey. Not  only is BA on strike (again) but Foreign Office advice is not to go to Bangkok. Where else could I spend my last two days?

I wonder how Karen is doing making breakfast without power? At least its not cold.

And later …power restored but it could go again and its still very stormy. Changes of plans, I’m leaving for Hokitita or perhaps further north -so lucky yesterday, the other guests here have left without seeing the mountains or glaciers.

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