Saturday, May 08, 2010

Liger Bay and another old friend

Some cloud this morning but still bright and warm as I headed for Ligar Bay for a walk on its golden sand.


Again, my companions were the birds, either paddling in the shallows or busy in the bushes. A pair of gannets flew across, wide, white wings with a flash of colour on their back, they caused a little alarm amongst the oyster catchers and seagulls. The sand has an ever changing surface –fine and crumbly above the tide line, then smooth, wave rippled, squelchy, perforated as the waves move out towards the high tide point. It seemed a shame to mark it with my footprints but they will be gone by now …







Later Heather and I went to see Jim, one of my Dad’s colleagues at the Works and there was more reminiscing. Jim helped us to identify the Gully people and children in some old photos –almost all have names attached now. Its raining this evening so Heather and I are going to watch Julie and Julia –a fitting movie for two women who like to cook and to talk about cooking as we’ve done this week.

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