Thursday, May 20, 2010

England in May –a bright welcome home

What a wonderful way to wake up –warm croissants, fresh fruit, fragrant coffee and according to the pilot, a hot and sunny day is forecast for England. Soon I can see those unmistakable London landmarks: Big Ben, the London Eye, St Pauls, Charing Cross station or is Waterloo and the Thames bending its way through the urban sprawl.

A smooth landing, my looking-rather-worse-for-wear suitcase with its pink notice me strap appears on the carousal for the last time and soon I am waiting in the morning sunshine for Julie to take me home.  Everything is very familiar –the coolness of the ground floor office, a familiar scent upstairs and in the front garden the Cercus Covey Lavender Twist is dripping with purple.  I ignore, for the time being, the nine week tower of post on my desk, make a cup of tea and enjoy the abundance of growth in the back garden. Its getting hotter –such good weather to come home to.

I tax my car, discover it has a flat battery –soon fixed by the man from Green Flag who is thankfully strong enough to pull the car backwards out of my small garage.  Driving to Leatherhead is a joy –Horse chestnuts are wearing their special shade of pink, cow parsley and hawthorn give the lanes a white out and everywhere is so very greeeen  … this is a beautiful country. As I wait for a new battery to be put in my car I become aware that in reality its the middle of night! I need to sleep …

Before the alarm can wake me Sue phones with an invitation to supper, the next thing I hear is the Archers intro … I just keep falling back to sleep. Tomorrow I’ll sort the post, the laundry, and there’s the small matter of buying some fresh food … I cannot have porridge for breakfast and lunch on more than one day, can I?

My travelling is over for the time being. On Monday Jen and I will be planning our 2011 South American trip but that’s some months away. I realise that I’ll miss blogging so watch this space, there maybe entries on some not so distant places during the summer.

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